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Fic: Warm Paws (A 'Sheepish' companion piece)

A/N: Sorry for the long wait, guys! I've been unable to write for a long time due to sickness. This is finally finished, though. I'm working on a little drabble that'll end up in this tag on tumblr later. Now, to clarify some things; This is a companion piece to Sheepish and as such it won't make any sense to you unless you've actually read the main story first. If you haven't the first part can be found here on LJ with links to the three others. The story can also be found in the aforementioned tag on tumblr. Also; Sheep make rumbling noises at potential mates and well, actual mates. The poll is the top of the sheep’s forehead, by the horns. Here, have an anatomy lesson. Happy reading!

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To Borrow A Heart (8/8)

A/N: God, I can't believe this is it. This story practically wrote itself, but it's weird to post the last chapter. Thank you all for your kind comments. <3 Again; I have to stress that I know nothing about borrowers, and thus this is as far from borrower!canon as you can get. This is what the story wanted, so I just followed.

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The conversation with his dad left a lump in his throat, big, painful and making it hard to swallow. He knew, of course he knew, but admitting it, admitting that he and Blaine would never happen... it hurt. More than anything.

It felt like a relief to go to bed, but he couldn’t help the thoughts that came when Blaine pressed close to his cheek. Couldn’t, won’t, never.

His dad’s words echoed in his head, but he stubbornly pushed them away. Blaine didn’t love him, of course he didn’t.

Kurt’s stomach did a sudden swoop as he felt Blaine’s lips press against his cheek - and that was... new.

Oh, oh god, he’d heard. He’d been awake, he’d --

Been in love with Kurt, too.

There was nothing he could say to that. Instead he cradled Blaine closer, dropping a brief kiss into his hair.

In a perfect world, Kurt would have kissed his lips.

Blaine seemed fine, comfortable even, fingers wrapping around Kurt’s middle finger with a little sigh, falling asleep even as Kurt watched.


He startled when he saw a stray tear fall onto Blaine’s head, thankfully not waking him. So that was why everything suddenly got blurry.

He tilted his head to the side, allowing the tears to fall freely, quietly.

It took a long time for him to fall asleep that night.

The first thing that registered when he awoke the next morning was warm. It felt like his bed had been turned into a furnace. He thought about kicking the covers off, but he felt so comfortable. Instead, he sighed and squirmed closer to his pillow.

Odd. The heat seemed to be coming from his pillow.

Kurt’s head was pleasantly hazy, still half-asleep. Wow, he felt safe. He slowly became aware of two firm arms, wrapped snugly around his waist, legs tangled in his own and steady, slow breaths coming out against his collarbone.


Waking up didn’t usually feel like this. Was-- was there a body in his bed? A him sized body?

Where was Blaine?

Suddenly and startlingly awake, Kurt jolted up with a loud shriek, eyes snapping open. The body pressed against him own was unceremoniously pushed off the bed.

He scrambled back, not even flinching as his bruises connected with the wall behind him.

The figure jerked awake in the fall, head shooting up and looking around confusedly.

Kurt stared. God, he knew those curls. He knew that face, those eyes. He was just used to them being much smaller.

He was vaguely aware of his bedroom door being flung open by his dad, pyjamas askew looking worried and confused. “What the hell is--” He broke off, staring just as hard at the boy as Kurt was.

“...Huh. So. Not so little anymore.” Oh dad. The figure on the floor raised a hand, resting it against the bed frame with wide eyes.

Kurt was somewhat relieved to note that he’d taken the covers with him when he fell, because he was very much naked.

“I’m just... gonna go downstairs.” He saw his dad out of the corner of his eye, awkwardly scratching at his head before disappearing out of view.


“Blaine.” He rasped, wincing at the sound of his voice.

Hazel eyes met his, and Kurt knew for sure. “Kurt. Kurt! I-I’m big. I’m big.” Blaine’s brilliant, happy smile what was made him finally move, ignoring Blaine’s outreached hand in favor of bodily throw himself at him - both of them connecting with the floor with a loud thump.

Oh, so that was what kissing felt like. What kissing Blaine felt like.

Kurt never wanted to stop.

"Kurt, Kurt --" Blaine broke off, gasping, clinging. "It worked, it really worked." 

Kurt felt loose, unhinged. It wasn't a bad feeling. "What worked?" The question came as a soft murmur, against Blaine's cheek. Something had worked, obviously, and truthfully Kurt couldn't care less what it was. 

"Wishing!" He looked at him them, meeting Blaine's bright, warm eyes. "I wished to be big, and last night it finally worked. I'm--" he broke off, looking so wonderfully excited and awed. "I can kiss you now. I can hug you, and hold you, and hold your hand properly and go outside with you and--"

Kurt couldn't help himself, he pressed in; silencing Blaine with another lingering kiss. "'m sorry, that was rude."

"Be rude a little more, then." A cheeky grin, and then Blaine was kissing him, long, soft and sweet.

He wasn't sure how long they stayed like that, Blaine still tangled up in the sheets, arms wrapped tightly around Kurt, Kurt’s own around Blaine’s shoulders, hands buried in his curls.

Long enough for his dad to come back upstairs.

“Oh, I didn’t need to see that.” He and Blaine broke off, and Kurt let out a little giggle at his dad’s groan. “There’s... toast downstairs. Lots of... regular sized toast, yeah.”

Kurt and Blaine stayed exactly where they were.


Months later, Kurt’s grandparents watched in complete and utter confusion as Blaine (Such a sweet, gentlemanly boy, they’d said, proud of their Burt for taking his son’s boyfriend in.) and Kurt both broke down over Kurt’s Christmas present to Blaine.

What was so funny about a jar of hair gel?
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To Borrow A Heart (7/8)

A/N: Forecast for this chapter is partially cloudy, with some angst. This is expected to clear up in the next chapter. Also, on a serious note; I mentioned before that this does NOT follow any sort of borrower canon. This is only going to get more obvious. Also, gosh! I can't believe that I'm posting the final chapter tomorrow.

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